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Overhead Garden Art

There is nothing more beautiful than adding a special touch to your outdoor space with some overhead garden art in intentionally placed to draw in the more secluded corners of the area. Or when design groupings just need a little something more to complete the look or to direct some attention upwards; there are interesting and well-made garden items to hang from the trees or from an overhead arbor which do just that. Overhead garden art even function as conversation starters when placed strategically as unifying design features and for visual interest. There are a wide array of items to choose from, like the wrought iron dragonfly, butterfly or hummingbird which are not only magnificent but the S-hooks they hang from are decorative as well. Choose bird feeders and enjoy the beauty of natural attraction or wind chimes which create the relaxing sound of peace and tranquility. A home garden should be a safe place, a place of comfort and enjoyment, and placing overhead garden art that is pleasing to you will help you to design and maintain a satisfying garden creation!
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