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Creative Home Garden Design

Creative home garden design starts with a dream and a little imagination. When you step out the backdoor onto your patio, deck, or into the yard or garden, what do you envision? Is it a tropical paradise, an enchanted forest, or a simply spot in which to relax, read or converse with family and friends? We all need a special place, a place of comfort, to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Your special place should reflect your personality and character, favorite color scheme and motif. Gardens Beside provides creative home garden design that empower you in a garden creation of very own…beside your home, your patio, your life!

Basic Design Tips

The key to designing any outdoor space is to identify the use of your area. Is it for entertainment or relaxation or is it your private place, a place of comfort? Is it for a number of people of just one or two? Most creative home garden designers suggest starting from the ground up. First, choose an indoor outdoor area rug that will splash the area with color or pattern. Then arrange the patio furniture such as a garden table and chair set in a way that is open and inviting or a chaise lounger with some pots and plants that may provide some boundaries; this will be dictated by the function you desire. Now place a few choice items that evoke emotion; some of your favorite things. Do you love the leaves in the fall, flowers and birds, or are fish and turtles your passion? Place these garden items in visually stimulating places. Colorful pots with aromatic plants are sure to arouse the sensations and flowing water is always a soothing sound; always make these part of your retreat. These are just a few of the creative home garden design ideas you can combine as you define your sanctuary or entertainment area. Transform your backyard, patio or garden into the backyard retreat what you've always dreamed of; with a little imagination and a few simple garden decorating ideas, a little goes a long way and you don't even need a 'green thumb' to enjoy creative beauty right out your own back door!